Cheryl Ladd talks about “A Cowgirl’s Song”, what it was like working with the cast, and what drew her to the film. (Exclusive)

“I just love that there’s so much redemption and bringing things back to life after tragedy. It just has such a wonderful message about family, faith and getting through the rough times,” Ladd reveals.

Gracie Lowes

Gracie Lowes

Apr 25, 2022
Apr 25, 2022
Cover Image for Cheryl Ladd talks about “A Cowgirl’s Song”, what it was like working with the cast, and what drew her to the film. (Exclusive)

If you’re a fan of family and music filled movies, then get ready for your new favourite film.

“A Cowgirl’s Song” follows “an aspiring teenage singer (Savannah Lee May) who goes to live with her grandmother, a country music legend (Cheryl Ladd) who's fallen on hard times since the death of her husband. Together, they overcome adversity and find redemption through their shared love of music.”

I had the chance to sit down (virtually) with actress Cheryl Ladd who plays Hailey and Brooke’s grandmother in the new film, to talk to her about her time on set, what this experience was like for her, what she hopes viewers take from the film, and more.

You can read the full interview below.

Gracie: Congratulations on the release of “A Cowgirl’s Song.” How has that release been for you, building up to it and now having it out?

Cheryl Ladd: “We’re all so excited about it, I love the movie so much. From the characters and the story, I just love the overall message of family and friends, love, redemption and all of the fun music in it. I also loved working with Savannah and Darci, they were both amazing girls and we had so much fun on the set.”

Gracie: Just from the trailer alone fans and viewers can tell that this is a very heartfelt and family based movie, but what drew you to want to be a part of this project?

Cheryl: “I love the script and I love the idea of this very successful and beloved woman whose life was her music, but when her husband passed away she lost her heart for it. They had worked together to get where she was in her career, and when she lost him she lost herself in a way and decided to put her music aside. But then her granddaughters, especially Savannah’s character Hailey, want to play music and want to do all these things and I just love that there’s  so much redemption and bringing things back to life after tragedy. It just has such a wonderful message about family, faith and getting through the rough times.”

Gracie: In the film you play Hailey and Brooke’s grandmother, could you tell us about the character and what your inspiration was behind her?

Cheryl: “I just wanted her to be down to earth, real and just straightforward, I saw her as someone who has a very practical view of the world. Obviously she’s been hurt because of her loss, but she’s getting on with it. When I was growing up my mother was a powerhouse and just very inspirational to me. So when my character went through a hard time I used her strength for the part, but I also loved that her granddaughter brings her back to her music and helps her realise she still loves it and she can help others with it is special.”

Gracie: Is there anything you learnt or maybe took from playing this character?

Cheryl: “I think just being in a movie where family, faith and getting through hard times is really important right now especially with COVID-19, lockdowns and families having hard times. I think this is a movie that we all need to watch to have that reminder that there are good parts even through the bad ones.”

Gracie: There are so many beautiful moments throughout this film, do you have a favourite memory from being on this set?

Cheryl: “Obviously singing together was so much fun, and doing that big concert was really fun, but I think my favourite part was the one where I have a conversation with the girls after Darci’s character falls off the horse. She just feels like everything is her fault and I feel like the grandmother's speech I give to them is so touching and full of heart and love, it was really special to me.”

Gracie: Timothy Armstrong has created so many movies, what was it like getting to join one of his projects?

Cheryl: “I have seen several of the things that he has done over the years and have loved his sense of how he makes a movie. Just how touching they are and how you really get to care about the characters and people in them, there’s so many movies now where you end up not caring about one person in it and I just wonder ‘what’s the point.’ If you can’t relate to or care about someone in a film then I don’t understand why they’re being made, I like movies that really touch me or can educate me on a topic or turn a view that I previously had on something, but it all comes down to the fact that I have to care about someone. I think in Timothy's film you care about all of these people, and he’s so talented in that way.”

Gracie: If you could describe this film in three words what would they be?

Cheryl: “Family, faith and fun.”

Gracie: You’ve worked on many movies and tv shows over the years, have you found you prefer making one over the other?

Cheryl: “I’m gonna have to say movies because you do it and then you’re done. Not so much now but, in shows you would do around 22 episodes like when I was doing “Charlie’s Angels” and it killed me. Along with the show we were also doing interviews, costume fittings and talk shows, I never stopped working. I didn’t have a life at that point, I had a two year old daughter and work made it very difficult and stressful, but I’m getting breaks now and feeling better so that's a positive.”