James Arthur took Toronto by storm with his sold out show

The 34-year-old singer/ songwriter showed off his talent with support from Nina Nesbitt, at HISTORY Toronto on May 13.

Gracie Lowes

Gracie Lowes

May 16, 2022
May 16, 2022
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After releasing his fourth studio album, “It'll All Make Sense in the End” back in November, music icon and 2012 X-factor winner James Arthur, has hit the road with his “It'll All Make Sense Tour.”

The tour will make a total of 36 stops around the world, but one of the most recent stops was in Toronto, Canada at HISTORY.

Before the doors of the venue had even opened, eager fans waited in what looked like a never ending line around the block. The energy outside was every artist's dream, fans were singing and making friends in line, all while waiting to rush in and get the best spots in the venue.

After the doors opened and HISTORY filled up for the sold out show, the lights began to dim and the crowd broke out with excited cheers. The night was kicked off by singer / songwriter Nina Nesbitt, who performed some of her own songs like, “The Best You Had” and “When You Lose Someone”, as well as a cover of Britney Spears’, “Toxic”. From her angelic vocals to her funny yet heartfelt stories in between songs, Nesbitt quickly captured the audience's hearts and set the tone for the fun-filled night to come.

Once Nesbitt had left the stage, fans started to count down the seconds until Arthur was set to begin his set. After what seemed like a long wait to many, the bright lights at HISTORY dimmed again and the crowd was taken over by screams and chanting for Arthur to appear. The band took to the stage first, setting the tone for the opening song with the strong bass and flashing lights. Arthur ran onto stage while recording his audience on his phone to capture the memory, then after placing his phone was down, the real show started.

James opened the show by playing one of his upbeat tracks, on guitar, to get the crowd on their feet. After the action packed opening, the singer took time to thank the crowd for showing up and selling out the event, he went on to explain that this is a special time for him due to the fact that it’s now been 10 years since he won the X Factor. From then to now, Arthur explained how his life has changed and went on to thank the fans for always believing in him.

Overall, the concert was an amazing time, from Arthur’s beautiful vocals and guitar playing ability, to his bubbly personality and touching stories, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Even if someone wasn’t a fan of James Arthur going into the show, it’s safe to say everyone was his fan by the end of the night.